new moon. 9th of march 2016
I AM Susanne Sacred Songs
I AM a ritual artist
I AM a sacred singer
I AM a wild woman dancer
I AM a circle master and a visionary guide.

I call in wild women from around the world, to remember the circle, to share their knowledge, to deepen their relations to nature, to honor Mother Earth.
I bridge the nature world with the modern world.
I call forth women, to show their inner strength, to show their light, to show their power, to share their insights and their medicine.
I call in women who will connect Mother Earth with humans and create a stronger bond between them, so we can restore balance on earth.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. My roots go deep deep in to the earth, into the core of Mother Earth where her fire is. There my roots get their nourishment and from that fire it raises up in me. From the deep into my bones, into my being. I connect with the ancestors, I hear their wisdom, I share their knowledge, I honor the path they walked on, I honor the building they started on which we build. I honor the herbs and the medicine and the ground which we walk upon.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. I am the sensual woman, the feminine. Senses are awakening, nature is alive, we are alive. I awaken the juices in the women, let their nectar flow again, let them enjoy life, let them celebrate their body and all there is. I am a dancer. I free my spirit through dance. I awaken joy and laughter, excitement and bliss. I fuel the feminine with my dance.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. I call in the circle. I call in women to sit by the fire, to share their visions, to share their knowledge, to release, to transform and to lift themselves up in the air and dance in celebration of what is. I am the shaman singer, the sundancer and the magical storyteller. I tell the stories of the hidden souls of the unborn songs, of the dreams that waits in the air. My stories inspirer people to embrace their own dreams, to love them and nourish them, to believe in them and walk with them.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. I am the loving mother, the warm embrace, the gentle touch, the listener, the family creator. I create sacred family where every member has a loving heart beating for the community. I share the love for nature and animals and everyone. Everywhere I go I go with an open heart, I trust that it will guide me.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. I am calling you from the top of every mountain. I am calling you through the voices of the birds that sits on the rooftops, fly around the globe, calling all wild women, to step up, to walk out, to reconnect with nature, to show their light, to show their gifts, to bring the medicine to this earth, that is so needed.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs and my voice is clear and loud as I sing the songs. I sing the medicine that opens peoples heart and let the healing waves in.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. I play with what is, I investigate and explore and have fun with all transformation. I paint, I create, I celebrate. I thrive in fun and laughter. I know that joy and creativity is medicine brought to us by our inner child. I carry my inner child in my heart and listen deeply to her wisdom and guidance. In my smile she dances, in my laughter she thrives.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. My third eye is wide awake. On my red dragon I ride the sky. I look out and see everything is beneath, everything is there. I can see the bright horizon. I can see the landscape, the mountains, the seas, the valleys, the desserts. I can see the crystals and I am navigating with the crystal clarity that I see with my third eye. My hair is colored in every rainbow, by body is light. My dragon is red, wise, big and powerful and always by my side. I know the power of silence as well as the power of sound.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs. I walk with my crown open. I am a pure channel of the light and the love, the fire, the water, the air, and the earth. I let every element, every energy flow through me freely. I acknowledge and accept that I am everything and everything is me and. I let it flow through me with ease and inner peace.

I AM Susanne Sacred Songs.
I welcome you to this journey HOME.




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