Wild Woman Celebrating Rituals

I am inviting you to join us and celebrate Mother Earth through our Wild Woman rituals every full moon and every new moon.

Women join from around the world focusing on the same theme. The theme is new at every ritual.

One of the themes have been celebrating Mother Earth through making Earth Mandalas. 16 of the women gave me permission to share their Earth Mandalas on this beautiful poster. You can download it for free, print it and hang it around your city, to encourage people to appreciate and take care of Mother Earth.

After each ritual we meet in the Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual Group and share our discovery, wisdom, symbols, thoughts and guidance.

It is a safe place where we can slowly unfold our wild woman supported by the sisterhood.

I welcome you to the circle <3

Yes I wanna join the Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual Group

With Love Susanne

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