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Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual – Throat Chakra. HONORING OUR FREE VOICE

Full Moon Friday 31st of July

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Today we have a full moon leading us into August. We will use this special day to connect with our throat chakra and honor her and her gift of speaking our truth.

Many of our wild women ancestors have been killed for speaking their truth. They were haunted, burned, drowned as witches or seers. People feared their power and strong voices.

Today we honor them by speaking with our true voice, the time is now! We are safe and can finally share our thoughts, visions and insights and help those around us with our special gifts.

We are here to shine our light for those in the dark to find their way out. We are here to spread our medicine through the magic of herbs, art, music, dancing, writing, rituals and ceremonies. it is time to speak with our FREE voice.


As a wild woman you have a strong intuition and it will guide you to create your own magical ritual honoring your FREE voice.

But here are some inspiration I got from my throat chakra:

* SINGING, Sing your truth from a tree, a hill side, to the water.

* PAINTING. paint your free voice expressed and share it with the world.

* BODYART. decorate your body with paint and let it express your free voice. Take a photo and share your free expression with the world.

* DECLARATION. write a manifest and read it our loud. record it as video and share it with the world and your wild women sisters.

Where: Set aside time today. The full moon will provide you magical energy and special power. Create your own ritual where ever you are, in nature, by your alter or next to a bonfire. Afterwards we invite you to share it with the wild woman community in our secret group on Facebook called: Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual Group

This group is held by more than 150 wild women from around the world and is a beautiful way to connect, get inspiration and courage to walk the wild woman path.


Sign up here and receive an inspirational wild woman video from me, made specially to you who join this ritual. I will share the story of my throat chakra, how I communicate with her and how she has transformed over time.

You will receive the video in your inbox friday 31st of July at 8 AM (CET)

Use this video as inspiration to connect with your own free voice, your throat chakra.

If you sign up you will also receive my Sacred-Songs newsletters with invitations to future wild women rituals.


If you wanna join our community, feel free to apply for membership, it is FREE in all of 2015. We are here at the: Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual Group

I look forward to see you in the group and celebrate our FREE voice. The time is now! Lets HOWL it to the moon! Auuuuuuuuuu…..***

With Love

Susanne Sacred-Songs

ps. If you feel inspired to join us and wanna invite your wild woman sisters, feel free to share the event on Facebook. Here is the link:

Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual – Throat Chakra. Honoring our free voice

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