Remembering who we are

sh bøn stor

All I really want is to come home. That has been my journey all my life. To find the home inside. Where every part of me is loved, where every passion is cherished, where everything is aligned and clear. where I know what I want and what I don’t want, where I can set healthy boundaries and give my self permission to be everything and nothing at the same time.

I found that these 8 areas describes home for me. These 8 areas are my guiding stones.  Together they form a sacred circle. In the center of that – I am whole.

connecting me with my souls purpose of coming here
connecting me to Mother Earth and our ancestors
connecting me to my skin, my womb, the sacred feminine.
connecting me to the fire, the drum, the shaman, the Völve and the spirit guides
connecting me to my heart, my family, my home, my garden
connecting me to my voice, the birds, creativity and my inner child
connecting me to my intuition, to transformational storytelling and pure vision
connecting me with the now, silence, the pause, death, birth, the circle of life and all dualities.


* Sacred-Songs is the universal love singing through our bodies.

* Sacred-Songs are love vibrations that heal us and the people around us.

* Sacred-Songs are the voice of the sun, the moon, the sky, the earth, water, mountains, spirits.

* Sacred-Songs are the voices of people coming together in circles to celebrate life.

* Sacred-Songs can shape shift from sounds to words, to image, to symbols, to workshops, retreats, concerts, books, dance events, rituals, communities.


I welcome you to take a look around and feel if the sacred-songs resonate with your soul.

And if so, feel free to connect.

Love & Light


“Let the love revolution begin!! Susanne is showing up boldly proclaiming what matters to her and standing powerfully in her medicine. The universe shall rise up to meet her. I see a strong, wise shaman bringing the ancient new story of heaven on earth to life one breath, one song at a time. Celebrating all that she have walked through to be here, now. Her voice sings us back into our hearts.” – Crystal Mays

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