To light a candle for our global sisterhood.

To light a candle for our own wild woman nature.

To light a candle for our visions

To light a candle for each others visions.

To send our gratitude to Mother Earth

To send our gratitude to Great Spirit.


Wild Women are often being born in a place or environment that does not mirror their wild nature. They grow up with a feeling of being different, alone, sometimes misunderstood. Nature might be the one place they felt truly at home. Art might be the only way they could express what they saw and felt.

But the times are changing! The web is helping us to connect with each other, to hear and see each other though we live thousands of miles apart. The giant web lets us know that We are many wild sisters around the world .

Now is the time we gather. Now is the time we stand up for each other and show our light. Now is the time we reach out to help and get help from our sisters. Now is the time we speak up! Now is the time we call our desires from the treetops.


Now is the time we bring each other courage to release the old false hem and be reborn as the true wild women we have always been. Now is the time we remember the deep wisdom from our ancestors. Now is the time we remember our sacred songs. Now is the time to weave the webs of magic!

Mother Earth needs us and we need her. We can bring back the sacred relationship between nature and humans. We can help restore balance on earth. We know her language, we hear her messages. We can speak her truth.

When we light up our candles, we light up the world.


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Even though you cannot make it the exact same time as we do, you can still do the ritual and it will still be powerful. You just need to sign up to receive the instructions and the final words for the ritual. It will be send to your email on the day of the ritual.


In your own sacred space


The Light Circle Ritual structure is based on these 3 things.  We all do these 3 things, but we create it in our own unique way, in deep contact with our true nature.

  1. we all light a candle for each wild sister participating
  2. we all speak out loud the names of all wild sisters participating and their vision.
  3. we all go to nature, afterwards and offer a gift for Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

Only sisters who sign up, have the possibility to get their names and visions spoken out loud as part of the ritual.

Sharing: if you want to meet, see and talk with your wild sisters, you can connect through our sacred space on Facebook called Wild Women Celebrating Ritual Group. There you can post an expression of your light circle ritual and you can also introduce your self and why you walk the wild woman path. We are more than 200 wild women there from all over the world. We welcome you with open hearts.

When you sign up for the Light Circle Ritual, you also receive the newsletter A WILD WOMAN PATH. This newsletter will bring you future invitations for rituals, wild women community events, ritual art programs and retreats.


I welcome you to the circle wild sister!

Thank you for walking this path with us.

With Love Susanne

Nordic Ritual Artist, Sacred Singer & Space holder.