SENSUAL NATURE – Portraits of Wild Women Dancers

Sensual Nature – is an international 9 day dance challenge beginning May 13th, 2016. Wild Women from around the world will be dancing in the abundant nature with us.

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Beauty Shaman at Sacred Feminine Path. Canada.

Tara Preston

“Dance to me brings me home to my essence, and the deeper, free expression of my beauty. Sometimes I dance for joy, and other times I use it as nourishment for my soul. As I loose myself to the flow, feeling, and movement of music, I naturally open to the power of my true divine feminine nature.”


Spiritual Life Mentor and Wellness Goddess at JoyLoveGrace. Ecuador.

Fleur Red flower

“Listen through the ears of beauty, to express your greatest truth.”

“Sensuality is the expression of the truth of your beauty.”

“Let the wings of nature carry you to express your sensual beauty. ”


Shaman, Healer and Ceremonialist at UMAO Healing & Artwork. Denmark

Helena Karhu
Helena Karhu

“The sacred dance has been essential for my re-birth and growth on my soul journey. Actually, it all started by dance. It was a Swedish pop-song that was a key for me; all music is spiritual in one way or another, if you really look deep into the core of the music. As I dance, I get connected to my kundalini energy, and as the vibration of my energy body arises, I arrive into the state of complete well-being, enormous joy, and bliss, where everything is fine and in complete union. It is the Samadhi. It is the complete naturalness, when you just let go. I am grateful for having ears to listen music, and for having a healthy body to dance. May we dance ever more, and for those who have not danced yet, let’s invite them to dance with us. We can first do this in our minds, and later, they can join in the circle of healing dance in all dimensions. This is the way of a dancer to heal ourselves and the world.”


Woman of Vision. Founder and caretaker of Eagle Woman Global. Iceland.

Helga Sóley
Helga Sóley

My expression of how I connect to my sensuous side through Nature, my Great Mother:


Fly high, dive deep. Live from your heart in deep peace. Your heart, expansive as the oceans, grand as the cosmos. Wisdom of all ages flows from its core. Listen! Listen to its flow of music and song. Songs of soul and songs of spirit. Full of love it rises from the deep, carrying the light of darkness, its fullness in bloom. Wow! How beautiful, how majestic it is! How majestically it surfaces. Whole and complete. From the womb of the Earth, the rich soil. From our Great Mother’s soul. Its spirit rigorous and strong, from our Father. Up, up. Up and through the mud. Beauty ~ Radiance! Diamonds in our hearts. Pure bliss. Pure gold. I’m home. Ohm Mani Padme Hum.


Experimental Vocalist & Performance Artist. Finland

Meri Nikula
Meri Nikula

“I have always, always loved dancing. My body loves to move with music flowing through, it loves to move with grace and ease, with natural precision that comes with full freedom and blissful surrender. I get into a trance-like state very easily, when dancing. I can dance to almost any kind of music, when my body really is in the mood for it. However, recently, I have found yet another level of dancing, another kind of flow of moving, without music. For me it has become a way of embodying the higher frequencies coming through, a fluid transportation of the life force energy through my body. I let it circulate and renew me, going deep into the cellular structures of the body. In my experience the New Earth is building up silently, within us. It is about the process of Embodied Divinity. Letting the energies flow into forms of simple, Sacred Physicality. Elevating us towards Enlightened Humanness. I have felt this transformation as both a challenge and a blissful journey. When I dance, this process has a way of moving through me, intuitively finding the pathways and passages that most need opening within me. With my body in a receptive mode I create new channels for the higher frequencies to flow through me into the world.”


Seid Artist and Art Medicine Woman. Iceland.

Solveig Katrin

Dreaming new reality- weaving new pathways into being

“Sweet wild sisters how beautiful it is to surrender yourself to dance, to rhythm, to life, to sensuality.. It is a path of beauty of joy, feeling one with life.. Yes I am ready to be free, to be me, to walk this earth, to dance into my path and power,, lets join together sisters of the heart, we are all one dancing under the heartbeat of Mother Earth, waking up into our wildness and Goddess Power! Lets Celebrate Sisterhood through our dance. AHO”