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The Wild Woman Ritual Artist Program supports wild women from around the world so they may grow strong and whole.

The world needs strong Wild Women to share the medicine of Mother Earth, to heal the connection between people and nature.

The program offers a global sacred sisterhood where we each month will share our wisdom, learn from our chakras, hold each others visions, create rituals in nature and celebrate Mother Earth.

The world needs Wild Women to restore balance.

It is time that we gather and begin sharing Mother Earths medicine again as we used to. So many years have gone by. We have been kept down, haunted or even killed because of our knowledge and connection to earth medicine. They were afraid of our power.

Most of us have experienced, in this life, that we didn’t fit in, that we were different. That nature and creativity spoke to us with a magical wisdom, that we could not share because people couldn’t understand it. We had no one to mirror our selves in.

But the times are changing. We see the crack. Something is opening and allowing more light to shine in. People around us is getting curious of our knowledge. They want us to lead the way.



Wild Women are wise bridge builders between nature and people. We understands the language of nature, we can hear Mother Earth breathing. We know her medicine is needed in this world to restore balance. Balance inside every woman and man, and balance on earth.

This program not only inspire you to learn about your inner landscape but also in the landscape around you.

It will inspire you to step out there, with your shining wild woman light and your sacred medicine and offer new ways of how to re-connect nature with people.



During these 8 moon circles we will be guided by our 8 chakra energies. We will visit them, sense them, talk to them, help them grow and get into balance. We will honor them and create sacred space for them so that they will always be in our lives as our inner guides.

There is no right or wrong way to experience the chakras. You will go on your own inner journey, guided by Susanne. Your chakras might look a lot different than your sisters, they might transform from time to time and that is all right. Your chakras will evolve as you evolve.

Chakras are your inner energy system that guides you to the right nutrition, in order for you to grow strong. Embracing all the different chakra energies is embracing all of you and leads you to inner peace and helps you create a life in balance.

When traveling your inner landscapes you will meet all emotions. You will embrace them and accept them. Looking at our emotions, asking them why they are here, gives us clues on how to act, how to help our selves.

This program does not include coaching or therapy. Therefor it is important that you only sign up if you are ready to take good care of your self, ready to listen and embrace all that you are, light and dark. This program offers inspiration and guidance, but you are the healer of your own wounds, supported by the rituals, the teachings and the sisterhood.

To be able to support your sisterhood, it is important that you are healthy, that you know your self well and that you have a positive look on life. You have love to share.

You are more than welcome to contact Susanne if you doubt that you are ready to go on this journey.



Our Chakras remind us that we are light as well as dark. We are the sensual woman as well as the old wise one. We are the child as well as the mother. We are destruction as well as creation. We are all energies, just like nature.

Creating inner balance is the foundation work. When you feel inner balance, when you feel nourished and in contact with your emotions and your body, you can begin to help restore balance on earth.

When we are in balance, we will radiate so much love that our surroundings will benefit from it and it will help them heal too.

Chakra work is a way to structure and gather all that we know about our inner landscape, our inner wisdom.

We are gathering our bones. Calling back our Wild Woman.

March: FOOT
April: ROOTS
August: THROAT
September: 3. EYE
October: CROWN

throat chakra ritual photo


Every fullmoon we will create rituals guided by the chakra of the month. A ritual in nature or in our own sacred space. The ritual will offer the frame of our transformational work, it will strengthen our connection to earth, to our inner wisdom and to our sisters as we will hold each others visions.

Susanne will inspire you with some ideas on how to build the ritual, and how to include the visions from your sisters. But it is essential that you feel into your own sacred guidance and create the ritual in balance with your inner wild woman, with the nature around you.

After the rituals we will share our experiences with each other and learn from it.



Every month we will share our tools and wisdom with each other. We will share stories from our ancestors and honor them walking the path before us. There is so much wisdom gathered in our roots. We just need to listen and be open to receive.

We are walking on the shoulders of our ancestors. They cleared the path for us. They opened doors.
We are building on the fundament they started.



We don’t need to figure everything out on our own. We are one. We are love. Together we create healing waves that will ripple out over the world. We know that our work will be stronger when we connect, share and support each other. 

Being an online program, makes it possible for us to connect with sisters from around the world. We can weave a bigger web and heal bigger areas. We can learn from many different cultures and traditions and broaden our perspective. We can connect with the different nature energies that exist on this beautiful planet.

Imagine Wild Sisters making healing rituals under the full moon in all different continents! Imagine how much love will spread across the world.




The structure of each month will be the wheel of 4 stages beginning at new moon.

1. INSPIRATION (Intention)

2. CREATION (Learning)

3. EMBODYING (Celebration)

4. STILLNESS (Knowledge)

The wheel of 4 stages is the frame that helps us remember the natural cycle. That there is a time for creating as well as a time for rest. There is a time for the old as well as time for the new. There is time for stillness as well as time for celebrating. There is a time for giving as well as time for receiving. There is a time to open as well as a time to close.

The wheel will create balance within the month.

Susanne will inspire and guide you through visualizations, audios, symbols, ritual guides, meditations, sacred artwork etc. The form of the content will be inspired by the chakra of the month.

During the 8 months you will have access to the content and can go back anytime and listen. This gives you the freedom to follow your own flow and how much time you want to put into it.



I am Susanne Sacred Songs. I am a wild woman, a ritual artist, sacred singer and circle leader. One of my gifts as a wild woman, is to call into the circle and to create sacred space for women to feel safe and inspired to unfold there wisdom.

My mission in life is to trust and follow my wild woman essence and bring nature back to people.

I welcome you to join me, honoring your wild woman inside and shining a light for other wild women to see and get courage from.

Let us love our selves right back into balance <3



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With Love and Light

Susanne Sacred Songs

Ritual Artist, Sacred Singer and Circle Master