Third Eye Chakra Ritual Workshop

Welcome to an evening of pure magic.

We are going to connect deeply with our third eye, with her intuition, her magic. We are going to ride her red dragon of love. Take a flight up high to get a view of our inner landscapes.

Where are those areas of our life or business that sparks and tinkles like crystals?

Third Eye and her red dragon will show us the way and we will honour her with a ritual this evening.


On the floor will be a giant crystal painted on paper. Around that red fabric as a symbol of the red dragon. We will sit down in the circle and connect with the love that birthed our spirit, with our feet that connects us to the heart of the earth, with our womb that ignites our inner flame and our inner dragon. We will follow that flame up to our third eye and let that open up our intuition.

Then we will go deep inside our selves to work with our own inner landscapes and write down those sparks. We will gather all our insights to our own crystal of clarity before returning to the big circle.


Now we are ready to share our crystals with each other and bring them to the center. we let the crystal in the middle be the manifesting light. Our love, our hearts, our bodies hold the circle around the crystal.

Sound, song and music will create the intense magic feel that will lift us up into the universe, like a guiding star, the music will take us there.


Gently we return to the room. We send gratitude to the dragon and to our third eye and feel what is important to take home with us, what insights did we get ? what directions were we guided towards?


After the ritual, we will have a tea ceremony where we can talk to each other and enjoy the magic we created together.

This Third Eye Chakra Ritual will only be offered as a single workshop in September 2015. After that it will be a part of an 8 day retreat where we celebrate 8 chakras (foot to crown). So if you feel called to join this magical ritual, now is the time.

Price: 1.100 kr

(including workshop, ritual, live music, tea ceremony, worksheets, notebook and handmade crystal drawings)

Only bring with you comfortable clothes. We will sit on blankets/pillows on the floor the whole evening.




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